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AQUARELLES - Watercolour Pencils

The old Topics web site carried a large number of step by step exercises which had been produced as the site grew over the years. Re-writing the site gave me the chance to review what is needed and to cut down the number to a minimum.
One of the three old step by step examples is now included in the main Step by Step section ( Coventry Canal ) but one other example ( Brokken Bridge ) is retained here. The exercise involves watercolour pencils on cold pressed watercolour paper which leaves a slightly grainy finish to the picture. You could equally use Hot Pressed paper if you wished to work finer detail. The exercise is given via a downloaded PDF file that can be printed out and includes several references so you can vary the picture to suit your own style
BROKKEN BRIDGE A step by step of the old stone bridge at Clapham, Ingleborough, Yorkshire, UK The bridge is an old packhorse bridge, too narrow for anything to cross it other than a person on foot, or a horse with packs on it’s back.  The bridge decayed through the centuries and eventually became known locally as the ‘Broken Bridge’ - or in local dialect, the ‘Brokken Bridge’. It has now been fully restored, but is still just the one person wide. The reference was taken from a number of photos but is true to the scene. The detailed step by step exercise includes the references and full notes and was completed using Caran d’Ache Museum aquarelles on a cold pressed watercolour paper Any other brand of aquarelles could be used, provided that there is an adequate selection of landscape colours
THIS STEP BY STEP EXERCISE IS POSTED HERE AS A SET OF ‘PDF’ FILES You will need to download the complete files using the links above. The download is a large one involving many pictures and will probably take some time. Once you have it on your computer, though, you will be able to view the pages in detail and also print the 6 pages of notes off should you wish. PLEASE REMEMBER This step by step is copyright © 2014 Peter Weatherill, as is the finished picture. This doesn’t mean that you can’t duplicate the picture, but it does mean that you need to contact me for permission if you wish to sell the finished work.  Permission is usually granted and it would be good to have a photo of your finished picture to show in an on line gallery of completed versions in the future.
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