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Art Points Summary

In this section we look at a range of separate topics which are all useful for new coloured pencil users. If you already use another art medium, you may well be familiar with the topics listied here on the right which are common to completing a picture in most media. As this site is designed to help the new artist, it is felt that a brief set of notes on matters like ‘perspective’ and ‘composition’ etc will be helpful. Topics like ‘reflections’ and ‘boats and water’ had high readership figures on the old site, and I see no reason why demand for the information should have declined. The old section on ‘Art Points’ had far more topics listed, some of which have been dropped, but we have allowed for demand to require re-installation of some of those old ones in the two blank buttons at the bottom of the list. Let me know ( contact page ) if you feel something is missing here.