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If you have come direct to this page and have not read the notes on the section introduction PLEASE NOTE 1. Comments made here are personal and are not sponsored by the manufacturers 2. The order of listing is entirely down to the date the initial reviews were done with more recently reviewed brands appearing towards the end of the list. The order is in no way an indication of quality 3. The guide is designed to aid those who are new to the medium of coloured pencil helping them select a brand and product that may be most suitable for their needs. 4. Just because one brand suits one person does not automatically make it ideal for everyone.
Not yet tested These pencils come in an impressive set of up to 150 pencils. They are reported to be a wax /oil blend and extremely soft and buttery. They are also reported to be difficult to get a smooth blend of colour with They are expensive in the UK and sets appear to be imported direct from Japan through Amazon. I have no information on lightfastness or availability of single replacement pencils Reader comment would be welcomed
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