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A list of the items included in the site This is probably the best route if you are not familiar with the site and it’s contents. below, In the first coloumn on the left, are the same section titles that you see in the blue navigation buttons here. In the middle are the Topic pages which are all linked, and on the right is a brief guide to what you can expect to find there SO….. Sections are listed here on the left ( Blue buttons ) Topics, in the middle are linked to pages and there are also Topic navigation buttons to the right of each section page. You will quickly get the idea once you use it. The CONTENTS listing below tells you what you can find in each Section and Topic
Site history, SITE Search engine and how the site works Defining a Coloured pencil for exhibition purposes Listing of the site contents with a brief description ,and where to find the items A Section listing most of the brands on sale in Europe and particularly the UK This section contains some additional information such as: The Differences between brands Pencil ingredients and an idea of prices How to compare performance of different brands for yourself. LIghtfastness in Pencils and why it matters These are independant tests carried out in strong mediterranean sunlight Colour Comparisons across brands There are 14 pages of Topics covering what I know of each brand commencing with Derwent . See the linked Derwent page for ‘other brand’ navigation We can now look at Wax type pencils - the ones that do not dissolve in water. First we have a page of notes giving general information, A Topic about how to apply colour to the surface A Topic on a range of marks which can be used to develop a picture How results can vary depending on the surface used Colour Density and how to get stronger colour How waxes and oils are used to make pencils and why it matters what is used Wax bloom - the grey coating that can appear on a picture surface Fixatives - when and how to use them and which ones to use Pencil Skills is a section looking at Techniques and Methods of working One of the most read Topics pages…. using hand and machine Getting a smooth sky or background with a pencil designed to draw a line Colours across the colour wheel darken each other . Useful. Another way of providing a suitable background for your picture Working from the actual subject and getting things in the right place Moving your colour around on the paper Solvents will dissolve the pencil wax and make blending easier A dry process to seal down the surface of the picture and to blend colours Some suggestions on how to approach Landscape subjects Not easy parts of your pencil picture, but there are ways of approaching them Shapes and colours, things to look out for Your choice of paper can help a great deal here That box of essential odds and ends The essential tool to make the most of Watercolour Pencils A list of alternative methods of using Aquarelles Underpaint to build stronger colour without sealing the surface of the paper Aquarelles are a much better medium than CP for smooth backgrounds Another ‘How To’ page showing the quick way of completing leaf cover on trees One or two step by step exercises This is a whole section dedicated to looking at how the different media work together with wax type pencils A step by step example of CP over Pastel Pencil The basic approach to using pastel pencils and how they work A look at the different brands card, papers and specialist surfaces how to develop a picture with pastel pencils An example of a detailed pictured being worked. ‘Annecy Reflections’ How papers compare in use For Wax pencils For Aquarelles For Pastel pencils Coloured Pencil Teaching by myself and other artists Group tutorials run from time to time on this site are featured here A look at Step by Step examples and the summary of those here and 6 separate topics covering the exercises , including past group tutorials 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 Getting the right angle on things An excellent tool for composition A large collection of notes to guide good composition Guide notes for those going sketching for the first time How they work - get them wrong and it shows ! Drawing boat shapes and looking at water Without contrast, your picture will not ‘sing’ the right song Some guides. We look at UK copyright law ( USA Copyright is not so simple ) If you use a camera to take reference pictures - things you should know. How to get in touch - there is an EMail envelope link at the top of every page
IN ADDITION TO ALL THIS…….. PENCIL TOPICS TALK Pencil Topics has a presence on Facebook with a group discussion area. This supports the Topics discussed on the site and also runs ( from time to time ) a group ‘work along’ picture where you can join in and discuss your progress. This is a ‘Secret Facebook Group’ so you can only make use of it if you have registered. You should already be on Facebook, and to register you will need to Email Peter ( Contact page ) and provide your Facebook address. You will then get a ‘Friend’ invitation and once that is completed, your name will be added to the group. We occasionally get a problem with registration if your Facebook settings are extra secure, but there is usually a solution.
NEWS & DIARY This page includes notes of events and new products as well as new site items
FINALLY At the end of the website are a few pages which represent the Peter Weatherill Personal Space You can reach them from this link ……………………………….. …….which also appears on the heading of each page on the top right hand side This is a collection of pictures in a range of media completed during the last 10 years
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