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Hard Pastels and Pastel Pencils

These are the less messy version of soft pastels that are produced by the pencil manufacturers and are sold either with a wood surround ( the pencils ) or as an uncovered stick of hard pigment ( sticks )

I used these several years ago when I was first looking at coloured ( wax type ) pencils, and did several

pictures in the pastel pencil medium.  I have returned to these in the Spring of 2010 and completed some pictures in just the pastels, and some mixing the medium with coloured pencil after fixing the pastel surface.

Bellapais Abbey, Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

This is coloured (wax) pencil over fixed hard pastel underpainting

PLEASE NOTE  - All pictures on this site are COPYRIGHT to Peter Weatherill ©

Pencils 2

Staithes, N Yorkshire.

Pastel pencils on grit paper

( Pastelmat )

Thornborough Bridge


Pastel Pencil on grey paper.

Worked mainly on the spot

‘Occasional Showers’

Scene in the Shambles York

Almost all pastel except for a small amount of wax pencil finishin

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