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This first picture is one of the earliest copies of one of my pictures I still have    It is a dawn scene at Staithes on the North East coast of Yorkshire.  A quiet harbour where the River Esk meets the sea and where once there was a busy fishing community.  

Staithes is a familiar haunt for painters as the ‘Beck’ stream offers a host of views which are all begging to be painted. Whilst I started painting in Pastel, I have few copies of early work in that medium so the main record starts shortly after I tried my hand at Gouache.  

The ‘Staithes Dawn’ picture here is painted in Acrylic Gouache, and proved very successful.   

I have tried to repeat it but had nothing like the result of the original you see here.

Just to give you another idea of the beauty of Staithes, I have included (below Right) a much more recent study in watercolour of the scene from the viewpoint on the hill overlooking the beck.

I like coastal views and enjoy the problems of painting water in all its many moods.  Boats also offer challenges and the achievement of the correct ‘shape’ for a small boat gives a great feeling.

Gouache is a natural route to take for a pastel painter as the two mediums are opaque and the matt finish of the gouache has many similarities with pastel whilst being more tolerant of scuffs and knocks.  The acrylic gouache is also weather resistant and can be painted on to board and  prepared walls as well as primed paper


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