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This set of images relates to work completed in late 2010 and early 2011.

Much of it relates to a return to painting in Acrylic.


A little picture of a fox in the bluebells, painted with Matt Acrylic on to a gesso covered board ( a very smooth surface )

The image is 7 inches by 5 inches.

The acrylic pictures shown on this page are all painted with Linda Wain’s Procolour acrylic on various surfaces and a range of sizes

For more information on the medium, see


Matt Acrylic again, this time much larger and on canvas.

The same photo reference as the pastel I did on site at Thornborough Bridge, Buckingham,last year, but including the swans.

This picture is framed up on a backboard and overall stands

37 inches by 13.5 inches

 ‘The Bothy Steps’ in the gardens of the Elizabethan Loseley Park near Guildford which I visited last Summer.  It is based on two photographs.

Acrylic on board  -  16 ins x 12 ins.

Peter W Personal site

The next acrylic is back to the letterbox shape and the picture itself is on canvas  -  12 inches x 30 inches.

This is based on three photographic references.  Two of them taken of trees in the beechwoods near to Blairgowrie in Scotland ( not in the same part, but the two photos go together quite well )  and the addition is of the two children at the stream edge who were actually photographed in the Isle of Man.  

I like the feeling of recession with the evening light coming through the trees.  I am not totally sure that the picture is finished !    I have spent 3 hours working on the figures which needed to be more shadowed than they are in their reference. They are essential to balance the picture and provide an alternative focus with the fall of light from the left background. I have played down the facial details as the picture looks ‘wrong’ with their details painted in.  I shall think about this and maybe come back to it in a few weeks time

Above are a couple of pictures started on a weekend of Acrylics painting at the West Norfolk Arts Centre at Castle Rising.  I have completed the two pictures which are each approx 12 x 16 ins, on my return home.

The original photos were taken some years ago, one at York in the famous ‘Shambles’ and the other of a derelict fishing boat laid up on the salt marsh by Thornham Creek on the Norfolk coast.  I think these two have gone very well.  The Shambles image is one I have completed before in Pastel, but I have included less people this time.

Wet Day in York

Final Harbour

Jurassic Coast

Evening Woods

‘Ice on the Branch’

Referring to Ice on the ‘branch line’.  

An acrylic on canvas - 16 x 12 inches using a very limited colour selection.

Mainly Sepia, White and Hookers Green have been used

This is the first of a set of pictures being completed in limited colours of transport of a bygone age

‘Pea Soup Again Tonight’

Picture number 2 of the set.

Acrylic on canvas approx 16ins x 12 ins

This has more green and orange yellow in it but is still very limited in paint colour choice

‘Northerly Force 3, increasing force 5 later’

The Milford Star running for home

An acrylic on canvas - 16 x 12 inches

This is the third of a set of pictures of transport of a bygone age.

The Milford Star was a steam powered side beam trawler converted after WW2 from a minesweeper.

An Acryic of the Old Harbour at


In Normandy, France.

Original photo was taken about three years ago.

The picture has had some editing of content during the painting process with the omission of several parked vehicles, changes to the fronts of some of the cafes and shops

And the deletion of the spire of the church behind the buildings, which would have required a much longer picture shape to have made sense of it.

The church spire is actually separate from the church anyway as a move to prevent fire spreading to the wooden framed church from a lightning strike of the spire

The harbour front buildings are at a lower street level than the upper stories which are accessed from a much higher street behind.  

The Church at the back has two aisles and these are constructed by ancient boat builders in the same design as an upturned wooden boat. Whilst the church roof looks very high from where we are standing, the actual height is quite normal as street beside the church is level with the second floor of the harbour front properties.

Picture completed July 2011

 With Linda Wain’s Procolour Acrylic on

Canvas faced board

Picture is approx 16ins x 12 ins


Another ‘letterbox’ shaped picture in acrylics.  This style seems to suit some landscapes and this view of Lyme Regis from the Cob was completed on a canvas covered board from photographs taken last Autumn - it is 19 inches x 8.5 inches.

The paint is a matt acrylic called ProColour and is a modern semi liquid medium which makes detailed pictures much easier as it thins down to a wash when required, and still has a good opacity and grip on the painting surface.  

See how the white chimney stacks show up against the hillside behind them...  one coat only of white paint over a very dark green background.  The sky and the foreground water were painted before the centre section. The water has around 6 layers of colour.