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Peter Weatherill Personal pages
I USED TO HAVE A FEW PAGES ON THE END OF THE OLD PENCIL TOPICS WEBSITE, BUT WHEN THE NEW SITE WAS SET UP OVER A YEAR AGO, THE PERSONAL PAGES WERE LEFT OUT. They do give me a chance to post up more recent pictures and also pictures painted in other media You may find them interesting
Many years ago, I first started off painting in soft pastel.  I then moved on to acrylics, watercolours mixed media, then pencils of all types and - more recently back to pastels and pen & wash. I will load up some images for now, and when I get time I will add some explanations and tell you what the subjects are and when they were done. December 2018
This first batch are all Pastel
This next group are mainly acrylics
Here are one or two pen & wash examples
Most of the pictures shown above have been worked during the last three or four years
Good Morning Arnesby, from an original photo by Stephen Gibbs with permission
Brecon stream. partly on site & my own photo
Ilfracombe morning mist - my own photo reference
The last train from Hebden Bridge from a John Roninson original photo with permission
Beached on a Brttany estuary.  from two of my own photos
The Lane to Clovelly  - my own photo reference
Brecon Beacons old stone wall.  partly on site and partly my own photo reference
Northamptonshire Snow  partly own reference and partly with permission
‘Susan’s Garden’  painted from a reference photo on Paint my Photo with permission
Brttany Coast view  painted from a window reference photo on Paint my Photo with permission and my own photo of the coast
North Cornwall Coast  painted on site
Breton Sunset mostly constructed from own photos and  some invention
Cock crow  entirely invented
Peaceful Moorings.  invented scene but inspired by an original work on Paint my Photo
For those of you who have an interest, the Internet site and photo sharing group ‘Paint my Photo’ enables artists to source reference photographs from files supplied by photographers and other artists without the need to concern themselves over copyright.  I have used a number of resources from that site in the past, and over 500 of my own photographs are posted up on Paint My Photo for other artists to make use of.  Not everyone can easily access the scenes and subjects they want to paint, and references of this sort that are unrestricted by copyright are a great help.
Bluebell woods at Coton Manor Northamptonshire - my own photograph
Mallorca harbour scene my own photo reference
 A commissioned photo of a Grimsby Trawler painted with supplied reference
Token Exchange on the Severn Valley Railway ( protecting single line working ) My own photo
Woods near Blairgowrie in Scotland ( own reference photo ) with added image of my young grandchildren
‘Pea Soup again Tonight’  an invented picture from a collection of references  ( a Liverpool tram in a Bristol street scene )
Cottage on the Loseley Park estate near Guildford, Surrey, my own photo
Gulls gathering - an invented scene partly inspired by the West of Scotland  coastline
An experimental picture using soluble ink and watercolour pencils. No reference
Norwich Cathedral. from my own photo and worked almost entirely with a fountain pen and soluble ink. Completed with a small amount of watercolour
These are four of a set of eleven small pen and watercolour pictures completed in October 2018. The actual pictures are 5 inches square
This is a pen and coloured pencil picture of a lane near Tintern in Wales from a Paint my Photo reference photo by Steve Lyddon used with permission