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STEP BY STEP EXERCISES 6 : Venice Grand Canal
This was an on line tutorial which was completed in the early part of 2017. The scene is of the Rialto Fish Market in Venice. Three examples of this picture were worked in different brands of Watercolour Pencils on Cold Pressed W/C paper. The exercise notes include one or two examples of the student’s work
VENICE GRAND CANAL The Rialto Fish Market As noted above, three examples of this study were worked on-line using Clairfontaine Etival 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper and three different brands of watercolour pencils. This was a monumental exercise and is unlikely to be repeated any time soon !!. To make study of the process more compact and understandable, I have chosen just the one version to show this tutorial in detail This is the version using the set of 72 Derwent Watercolour pencils
ABOVE  Firstly, here is the main reference photo which is a construct from more than one photo source.  There were three photos used for the background row of buildings and the fish market, and a separate photo of a gondolier. Putting the photos together involved some manipulation as they were taken from different places in the middle of the grand canal.  I do not have a source for the gondolier photo which came, I believe, from the Internet some time ago.  If anyone knows the source, I will be happy to credit it. BELOW  are the three finished pictures completed in the on-line tutorial. details are given below each image.  We are going to look closely at the Derwent Watercolour pencil version, but there are one or two comments with the other pictures about the end result.
This picture was completed with just 36 pencils from a Steadtler karat watercolour pencil set costing less than £35. These are a good student quality aquarelle pencil which responds well to water. The colours blend well and it was therefore quite easy to fill in the gaps for colours available in the larger sets. The colours came up vibrant and quite true to the reference. I was very happy with the performance of these modestly priced pencils
Venice Rialto Fish Market. Staedtler karat aquarelles on Clairfontaine Etival 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper
This version of the picture was completed with colours selected as required from the 72 size full set of Derwent Watercolour pencils.  The paper was the same as the Staedtler image above and I was very happy with the result on what is quite a grainy surface which made fine detail difficult. This is the version discussed in detail below
Venice Rialto Fish Market. Derwent watercolour pencils on Clairfontaine Etival 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper
This is the Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer aquarelle version of the Rialto reference. Here we had a choice from 120 colours in the full set. The same paper as in the two examples above but a fairly similar result. The Faber-Castell pencils have a drier feel to them when compared to the other two brands discussed in this exercise. Whilst not a scientific test, I felt that I preferred the handling of the Derwent pencils, and also the end result from Derwent.  The Staedtler were excellent value and the result creditable
Venice Rialto Fish Market. Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer aquarelle pencils on Clairfontaine Etival 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper
Note :  The exercises were completed over several months and the actual approach to each picture will have been different with the passage of time.  Some errors were made and this will also have had some impact on the appearance of the final pictures seen above.  All three pictures are worthy of a frame.
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