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Surfaces for AQUARELLES

This section looks at the different surfaces available to Coloured Pencil users Tests to see how watercolour pencils perform on different paper surfaces will require a different set of tests to those for wax pencils.  We have different requirements and different expectations of watercolour pencils (aquarelles). We can use the soluble pencils to make underpainting washes, to work dry colour on to the paper which is then moistened.   We may use them purely as dry pencils. We may need to be able to remove surplus colour from the paper - how much size has the manufacturer included in their paper formula?  Size can lock in the colour, but it also enables the wet media to stay where it is put. Does the colour lift easily and successfully?     When we work dry pencil over a pre-wet surface, how soft has the paper become?  The paper surface can lift and become damaged    How much does the paper distort from wetting ? Mostly when we are going to use a wet process on paper, it is advisable to stretch the paper first.  I don’t think I have the facility to stretch over a dozen papers for testing - but we will see ! I will be going through my paper stock looking out any papers that appear suitable for soluble pencil use.  As with the earlier wax and oil based pencil tests, the list of papers will NOT be comprehensive - simply a cross section of what I have.      Most of my papers are European manufactured but I do have some Strathmore ( USA ) and may  possibly have some other hot pressed paper from overseas when I come to do the test. I will be using three brands of watercolour pencils and keeping to the same brands and colours throughout the tests. This may take some time to set up, and will have to wait until the site rebuild has been completed at the end of 2017
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