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At several points in the history of Pencil Topics, we have run tutorials which have involved a group discussion and had a number of readers getting involved with working along. Three of these tutorials are listed in the step by step examples which appear as separate topics in this section : Allerford was the first one, The canal walk at Hopwas was the second, and the Rialto on the Grand Canal in Venice was the third in 2017. 2019 brings the urge to do another and we will be setting off on a fresh journey towards the end of February 2019.
GROUP Tutorials on line. These start with a discussion on the Topics Talk Facebook Group. If you are a member of this group, you may already know how they work and may have taken part before. If you are not a member, then you just have to ask. Contact Peter via the contact link. There is no cost and you work along just as fast or as slowly as you wish. Details of the 2019 tutorial and discussions will be added below as they are edited from Facebook and transferred across.
Heidelburg Gate Probably pastel pencils on Pastelmat Once the reference has been decided, and the exact details of paper and media discussed, details will be posted here. The reference will be given as a A4 size photo, possible additional references may be included, a sketch drawing in A4 size will also be provided for those unsure of their drawing skills. All references are given as PDF files. You will be able to use any good quality watercolour pencils. This is not a large picture and I plan to explore options to work in a less detailed style. It will offer some challenges, and also the chance to work with including extra references and managing the picture to get the best composition. Those taking part will be invited to send in images of their work in progress and the images may well be included here as part of the tutorial.
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